Top 5 Reasons To Take Lions Mane

Lion’s Mane mushroom has captured the attention of mainstream consciousness in recent times, although it has a history that dates back to ancient China. Botanically known as Hericium erinaceus,  and colloquially referred to as Satyr’s Beard or the Bearded Tooth Mushroom, its appearance resembles a fungal waterfall, cascading health benefits through its flowing tendrils. It is these health-giving properties that have propelled awareness.

There are five prominent reasons that supplementing with this safe, effective mushroom makes profound sense. Let’s take a look…

Supports cognitive function

As we age, the risk of
cognitive dysfunction increases and, with it, comes forgetfulness, lost objects and misplaced words. Treatment options in the mainstream field are scarce, resulting in a lower quality of life. Yet a study published in the peer reviewed journal Phytotherapy Research offers hope. The researchers investigated the impact of Lion’s Mane on mild cognitive dysfunction in 50 - to 80-year-olds. After supplementing thrice daily for 16 weeks, cognitive ability markedly improved

Enhances immunity

Our immune system wards off foreign invaders and protects us from injury and internal insult. An estimated two-thirds of this integral system is found within the gut and it is here that Lion’s Mane appears to
enhance our immunity. By improving the function of macrophages and natural kills cells, debris, viruses, and tumor cells are consumed like PacMan engulfing ghosts.

Protects nerve health

Our nerves are an integral part of a crucial communication highway of the brain and body. If they don’t work well, neither do we. An article published in the journal Behavioral Neurology found this humble fungus contains a compound called Erinacine A, which offers significant nerve protection. By increasing neuron survival and elevating nerve growth factors our nerves are protected. This compound may also
reduce neurological pain.

Reduces inflammation

A causative link between inflammation and the
diseases of modern day civilization exists; from heart disease to hypertension, cancer to osteoporosis, obesity to diabetes. As inflammation increases so, too, does risk. A focus on antioxidants, compounds that reduce inflammation, is therefore key. Fruits and vegetables are wonderful, as is this beneficial fungi. One study noted that Lion’s Mane “… may serve as an effective healthcare food and source of natural antioxidant compounds.” Another found its use may extend to ameliorating the inflammation related to obesity.

Acts as a potential diabetes therapy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that an astounding
9.4% of the American population has diabetes. With its accompanying blood sugar level fluctuations, the risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, eye, kidney, and nerve damage, and death increases. Yet, mouse studies have shown that Lion’s Mane significantly increases insulin production and reduces blood sugar, improves cholesterol balance and calms oxidative stress. These effects are potentially powerful in the protection against, and treatment of, diabetes.

The broad evidence-based benefits of Lion’s Mane, from improved cognitive function to enhanced immunity, nerve protection to reduced inflammation, and the potential for tackling serious illnesses, including Diabetes, mean this fungi will continue to grow as a mainstay approach and righteously deserves its place in your medicine cabinet.

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